Senior Relocation Is on the Rise

Senior Relocation is on the rise. Thousands  Americans are  joining the ranks of  “seniors” every day after decades in homes where they have raised families, paid mortgages and worked until retirement. Many have began to downsize their lives and residences. This trend is due to the availability of more and more Condominiums, Active Adult Communities (AACs), Independent Living Communities, and Assisted Living Facilities for those in need. Even large single family homes are becoming residence’s for several seniors to live in. Most Seniors who are opting for this new life have concluded,  along with the concerns of their children, that living in an empty nest is no longer practical , feasible or medically prudent. In many cases the simplifying of life along with the social benefits make moving, while difficult, very attractive.

 New businesses have been created with services that  inform, support and support growing senior relocation.  Since many families have seen a migration of family members away from the nest, it has become increasingly necessary for different size businesses to step in and take the place of the children of families who because of logistics and other obligations can no longer guide or assist their elderly parents into their new life.

Beginning with locators, people who are familiar with the different communities and residences available for the seniors , to move managers, those persons who have become skilled with assisting in the entire relocating process, the finding, preparation and entire relocation is being made easy.

The ideas of this new industry is to see that every aspect of moving is covered and completed from downsizing,  to having the new residence completely  ready as a new home when the senior arrives on the day of the move. This extensive service can include, beyond having the furniture in place, having all the draws and cabinet items put away, pictures and mirrors hung, electronic equipment set up, beds made and cartons and moving debris removed. Chocolate on the pillow is a nice finishing touch for the people who have been instrumental in shaping the course of their families, communities and this nation.

Smooth Transitions® of Central Ohio is one such organization. They are trained and experienced in providing the needed services with that special touch.  As a proud licensee of Smooth Transitions®, based in Louisville, KY, the company is part of over a 50+ licensee network across the country, as well as, Canada and New Zealand.

 Many senior communities and residences are aware of senior move managers and everyone one that is involved in making the transition process as smooth as possible.  To find out about this industry you can visit the National Association Of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) website.

About Priscilla Gill

Priscilla Gill considers her work as a Senior Move Manager as more of a mission than a job. She feels strongly that every senior should have the right to determine where and how they will live and enjoys the opportunity to help families in need. A resident of Westerville, Ohio, Priscilla holds an MBA from Franklin University as well as a BA in Social Work and a Certificate of Gerontology from Ohio University.
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